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Discover transparent pricing options for Lotus Credit services. Here, you can explore our tailored financial solutions and, when you're ready, fill out a form to request our expert assistance. Your path to financial success starts here.


3 Hard Inquiry Removals


1 Late Payment Removal


2 Other Negative Item Removals

(Choose from: collections, charge-off, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, eviction, or medical debt)

We also offer custom packages to fit specific needs. If you are interested in a custom package, please contact us for a quote.

Pricing Guide:

  • Hard inquiry removal: $25

  • Collections removal: $175

  • Late payment removal: $50

  • Charge-off removal: $175

  • Bankruptcy removal: $200

  • Foreclosure removal: $200

  • Repossession removal: $200

  • Eviction removal: $200

  • Medical debt removal: $375

  • Other negative item removal: Varies

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